Video Editing

Below are examples and links of video editing separated by clients.

RETCON Web Series

  • In 2012 and early 2013 I was involved in working with a small production company and their pilot web series project called, Retcon. I was able to help them with two videos for their IndieGOGO campaign listed below.

RETCON Pitch Video

RETCON Behind the Scenes


  • Comic Book Live is a comedy improv group in Los Angeles based out of the comedy club, I.O. West. As described from the I.O. West website they are, “a live & improvised stage adaptation of a comic book or graphic novel, created with the help of special guest artists.” I have been involved with them helping to create many different videos to help open their live show. Some of these included green screen work and some was just basic editing and audio work. Listed below links to a few of the videos that have been uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Batman Holiday Special

The Walking Dead season finale spoof

Superman show intro

For the love of Khan

George Lucas Commercial

Chris Gore and PodCRASH Podcast

  • I have worked on and off for comedian Chris Gore and his podcast, PodCRASH with That Chris Gore. Here are some of the videos I have edited for his YouTube channel. Along with a viral skit video I was also responsible for setting up the YouTube channel for the podcast initially and setup a template for a visual version of the audio podcast. I have included a link to one of these links as well. Finally there is a link to his hosting reel, which I edited to help him gain work after the departure of the G4TV network.

PodCRASH is Delicious viral ad

PodCRASH Episode 35

Chris Gore Hosting Reel


  • Along with helping Chris Gore with his podcast I have been involved helping with a stop-motion project he is still developing called, FetishVIL. Here is a link to a teaser trailer I helped to edit together.

FetishVIL teaser trailer

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