Social Media Work

I have worked with many different people and companies learning the ins and outs of social media and adapting as it changes. I have worked as a consultant for some clients to help put together a marketing strategy as well as social media management and overall management for online talent. I am available for consulting to help you put together a marketing plan that fits with your goals. For more info contact me directly at:


List Current Clients:

Epic Voice Guy: YouTube Personality
I am currently helping with YouTube channel optimization, Social Media Posting, What’s Trending and weekly updates for new content.

The Hentai HQ: A Hentai-centric New Site
I am currently running the social media sites for this website as well as creating graphics for the website and social.


AgentShawnee: YouTube Personality
I am currently helping AgentShawnee in a management capacity, helping to set up new sponsorships and overall task management to keep a good flow for new content to come out for her YouTube Channel.

List of Past Clients:

Jay Holben: local Los Angeles cinematographer
Helped him grow his instagram from just under 400 followers to now over 2000 in less than 4 months. Also with our help he has been able to specifically start targeting followers and increase his social interactions by branding his campaigns with a purpose.

DWN LA Magazine: local Downtown Los Angeles Magazine
Owner Eric Kimmel has been working with us to increase his social media presence by tailoring new postings on Facebook to showcase specific spreads from his magazine. Also we are helping him to grow his instagram followership, help direct marketing through content creation and ultimately increase their social media presence to increase ad revenue to their magazine.


My Personal Social Media

For my personal and my small business accounts I stay current and add new content very regularly. Among all my sites I have found that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been most successful. All of my followers on each of these sites are personally generated without bots or having to buy them.


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