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Hit The Beach – Sexy Toy Talk


Happy First Day of Summer Toy Lovers!

If you’re like me then you may have been aching for some skimpy swimsuits and some beach fun! This week you can capture that summer time feel with this cute Beach Girl Selfie Miho Kunagisa Figure. Read more…


Smack That Ass – Sexy Toy Talk


Hey Toy Lovers!! Summer is almost here! It’s time to start showcasing some sexy ladies in some skimpy summer wear! Today I have a real treat for you with one of the fan favorites from Senran Kagura. It’s Ryona Suhada! Read more.

Chichi’s Chachas – Sexy Toy Talk


Hey Toy Lovers! This one is hot off the press! It was just announced that MegaHouse is putting out a new addition to the Dragon Ball Gals toy line of Chichi!! Read more

Get Vain with Belial – Sexy Toy Talk


Hey Hentai Toy Lovers,

Belial! Her sin may be vainity but she’s filling me with lust! Today I’m reviewing Belial from Seven Deadly Sins (which you can watch now on Funimation)… Read more

My Favorite Harley Quinns – Sexy Toy Talk


Hey Hentai Toy Lovers!

Some of you may know it was recently my birthday on May 22nd! (Yay!) I am a big fan of birthdays and was super excited to see our Rule 34 this week… Read more

Kyoka Tsuzuki – Sexy Toy Talk


Kyoka Tsuzuki is a character in a hentai called, Kokuhaku Heat Up ( 告白HEAT UP ). From what I could find it was a one-shot written by Kisaragi Gunma about… Read more

We’ve Got A Woody – Sexy Toy Talk


Currently on Pre-Order at J-list is the Legacy of Revoltech – Tokusatsu Revoltech LR-045 “TOY STORY” Woody (Reissue)!… Read more

Undress Marie Mamiya – Sexy Toy Talk


Hello Henati Lovers!

Welcome to our weekly Sexy Toy Talk article. I’m Jess DP and I’ll be showcasing toys every week at the Hentai HQ!… Read More

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