THE FINAL STAND OF ONE PIECE'S LAW -- Would you kick a man when he’s down? How about a pirate? With this new One Piece Law Excellent Model Ver. Vs Limited Edition Statue you get the opportunity to choose.

THIS STATUE SHOWS US WHY LUFFY FROM ONE PIECE IS THE LUCKIEST MAN IN ANIME -- Bring home the most beautiful woman in the world of One Piece with this new Boa Hancock Limited Edition Statue.

FAMED ARTIST LUIS ROYO IS BACK WITH THIS BREATHTAKING FANTASY FIGURE GALLERY BATMAN -- I’ve seen some really great statues come from the art of fantasy illustrator, Luis Royo. Finally, there’s this Fantasy Figure Gallery Batman.

SHO MURASE GOTHAM CITY SIRENS ART TRANSFORMS INTO INCREDIBLY DETAILED STATUES! -- A few years ago at San Diego Comic Con as I was walking through Artist Alley when I came across a really interesting artist that caught my eye.

YOU NEED THESE 2 BANDAI TAMASHII NATIONS SAILOR SCOUTS IN YOUR SAILOR MOON COLLECTION NOW -- There has always been a really cool look to Sailor Moon and all of her friends.

YOU CAN'T SAVE THE WORLD ALONE: NEW JUSTICE LEAGE ARTFX+ STATUES -- Have you been searching for superheroes to assemble your very own Justice League?

BRING THE MYSTERIOUS ASSASSIN KATANA TO LIFE -- This brand new DC Comics Fantasy Figure Gallery Katana Statue comes from the works of famed fantasy illustrator, Luis Royo, who is known for bringing to life beautiful characters that live on the border of tragic....

SLEEP WITH YOUR TOYS! TOP 5 TOY/NERD THEMED HOTELS YOU'LL WANT TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST -- I remember as a kid dragging my toys all over with me. No matter where I was, especially when my family and I would go on vacation and stay at a hotel, I had to have an array of toys to make me feel at home. Now that I’m grown up I have the ability to decorate my home with whatever toys and nerdy stuff I want.

THIS KIRBY CAN TAKE ON MANY DIFFERENT CHARACTERISTICS -- Kirby is one of the most versatile and fun characters to play, which is why he’s my favorite anytime I play Super Smash Bros.

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