Make an Impact to Your Collection with This Victorian Era Gotham by Gaslight Batman Statue

In the late 1980s, DC Comics put out a series called Elseworlds, which showcased alternate realities of DC superheroes. The first of these stories highlighted artist Mike Mignola’s rendition of Batman fighting Jack the Ripper in 19th century Gotham. It is a one-shot storyline paying homage to the famed English detective, Sherlock Holmes, called Gotham by Gaslight. Mignola’s cover art for this story truly paints a picture of the story’s tone the minute you lay eyes on it. Being such a huge influence throughout the years on other Batman comics, I’m happy to see that this has become the inspiration for a new ArtFX+ statue from Kotobukiya. The new Batman Gotham by Gaslight statueencapsulates some amazing details along with the feel of Mignola’s art piece.

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