Nosferatu Zodd in Human Form Statue by Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio and Sideshow Collectibles presents the Nosferatu Zodd in Human Form Statue from the manga series “Berserk”.

Leaving only death in his path, Nosferatu Zodd is a legendary sword master and anti-villain from the popular manga series “Berserk”. He’s often nicknamed “Zodd the immortal” and is constantly seeking stronger opponents to battle to get his fill. Wherever he goes he leaves nothing but death in his path, which makes him a prime ally to have on your side.

Now you can add him to your collection with the new Nosferatu Zodd in Human Form Statue by Prime 1 Studio!

True to his original character design, this statue is a must have.

It is impressively massive standing 35-inches tall from base to head and features a plethora of intricate detailing. It comes in two versions, Regular and Exclusive, and both versions come with two interchangeable faces. One showing an satisfied staring look and a second scowling face showing off those sharp teeth that would cause anyone to hightail it in the opposite direction if they weren’t already… READ MORE


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