Superior Podcast — Chris Gore & Jess Delpino

Hosts, Frank and Hal, welcome guests Chris Gore and Jess Delpino to talk film making and tentacle p*rn (aka hentai).

Chris is the founder of Film Threat, started as a magazine in 1985 and now a website that claims, “Film Threat’s mission is to champion up and coming indie filmmakers while giving a middle finger to the Hollywood establishment.”

Jess is the co-host and producer of The Hentai HQ podcast/website and a freelance writer reviewing toys for Entertainment Earth and Gemr. She’s also an occasional model for nerd brands and is in the process of launching another podcast from Alternate Universe comic book store in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

You can find Chris Gore on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as @ThatChrisGore.

You can find Jess on Twitter & Instagram as @NerdyLatex

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Twitter, IG, Snapchat: @halsparks & @frankprather

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