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(WARNING: This site is NSFW and contains graphic content. Must be over 18 to view)

*Graphics have been censored for viewing on this website

I have recently laid out print work for new merchandise available at the Hentai HQ Redbubble store. Below are a few examples of merchandise set up for print by me made from logo assets and a custom background made for the website.

Tentacle All Over Print:

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.32.27 PM  Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.12.36 PM  Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.18.44 PM

Men’s Graphic Shirt  |  Women’s Chiffon Top  |  A Line Dress

Hentai HQ Logos with and without tentacle background:

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 9.46.39 PM.png  Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 8.54.31 PM  

Studio Pouch |  Laptop Sleeve

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 9.42.28 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 9.41.28 PM.png

Sticker  |   Laptop Skin

Here are some examples of blog banners and social media graphics I have created for The Hentai HQ website. I created the template layout for the banners for a uniform look on the site as well as all graphics and photo manipulation within the banners.




2 Hentai Queens Podcast Graphics:

Here are some examples of the graphics I created for the podcast 2 Hentai Queens, which is currently on hiatus and hosted by The Hentai HQ Network. Again I created the layout template for each blog post and social square for a uniformed look. I also cut out all of the elements and placed them within each banner and marketing graphic. Here are a few examples:



Ep5SQUARE.jpg PayPalDonateNEW.jpg


Most of the featured blog banners were designed by me and can be found on their site homepage HERE.


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